Health Support Add-On Training

This course includes additional training for any staff who use HIFIS to record health-related information. It is intended for staff who have already received training about the core HIFIS functions. In this course, we will cover such topics as: tracking a client's dietary requirements, recording health issues, noting what medications a client requires, securely dispensing medication to clients, and doing pill counts.

😷 Health Issues

The Health module is used to log any health issues a client has. It is important to note that HIFIS is not a medical database and any health information entered can be difficult to confirm and should be reported on with caution.

Alice - Health 59
How to record a client's health issue

💊 Medication and Dispensing

The Medication Dispensing module is used to dispense medication to multiple clients at once. It displays a list of all booked-in clients who require medication at a specific time, either morning, noon, evening, bedtime or PRN (as need), and allows you to check off who has received their medication. 

Alice - Medication 59
How to note that a client requires medication

Alice - Dispensing 59
How to dispense medication to your client

Alice - Dispensing History
How to review the dispensing history and adjust the pill count

🥦 Dietary Requirements

The Dietary Requirements module allows users to track any food items that a client should avoid, or any food item that is essential to their diet. 

Alice - Diet 59
How to record a client's dietary needs