Housing-Based Case Management Supervisor Add-On Training

This course includes additional training for housing-based case management supervisors. It includes: managing the housing unit inventory; user accounts; the directory of services; people; coordinated access; and some light administrative tasks.

🏠 Housing Unit Inventory

The Housing Unit inventory is referenced by the Housing Placement module.

Understanding-The-Housing-Unit-Inventory 2022-11-11
Understanding the housing unit inventory

How-To-Add-A-Housing-Unit-To-The-Inventory 2022-11-11
How to add a housing unit to the inventory

🚨 Client Alerts

Bulletins can be connected to a client and let you post a general message to your staff.

How To Manage Bulletins 2022-11-11
How to add and manage bulletins

🔐 User Accounts

The Users module is used to view, edit and create user accounts at your service provider. The users are the individuals who do the daily tasks at your service provider. Users need an account in order to input data into HIFIS.

Introduction-To-User-List 2022-09-30 22
Introduction to the user list

Admin - Add User V59 2022-09-30 22
How to create a user account

How-To-Reset-Another-User-S-Password 2022-09-30 22
How to reset another user's password

How-To-Unlock-A-Locked-User-Account 2022-09-30 22
How to unlock a locked user account

👩🏾‍⚕️ People & Places

The Directory of Services module is used to record the location and contact information for various Places used in multiple HIFIS modules, such as a pharmacy for when you’re adding Medication records or a school for Education records.

The People module allows users to record and update the contact information for all people in the HIFIS database. The term “People” refers to individuals who do not have a direct role at your service provider, like users, but are linked indirectly. For example, track the contact information of a client’s landlord or physician.

People 2017
How to add and manage non-client, non-user people

Admin-Places 2017
How to add and manage places

💫 Coordinated Access

The Coordinated Access module generates a unique identifier list of all clients who are in your cluster, not housed, active, and with coordinated access consent.

👩‍💻 Administration

Various supervisory and administrative functions.

How-To-Use-The-Hifis-Audit-Log 2022-09-30 22
How to use the HIFIS audit log

Admin - Client Service Delete V59 2022-09-30 22
How to delete a service record from a client file

Admin - Merge Two Files 59 2022-09-30 22
How to merge two client files