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Choosing Canadian Observatory on Homelessness (COH) questions

Now that you have defined your point in time count event, 1 of the next things that we are going to want to do is modify the questions that are going to be included. Let's do that by logging in as the administrator using the pick count menu to click on events. And here we're going to see a list of all of our pit counts, including the 1 that we've just created. Click on the edit pit event button to the right of the pick count. Within this screen, you can modify your pick count event settings.
1 of the first things we're going to want to do is to choose which Canadian observatory on homelessness optional questions we're going to be using in our local community. By default, all of them have been selected. Let's go to the bottom of the screen. And click on the button that says select CoH questions. This will bring up a list of all of the optional COH questions, and here we are going to select which ones we would like to use.
For example, maybe we need to turn off this question and this question. We want to include several of the other ones. Choose which ones you're going to be using within your community and then click the save button. After that, we should see the green data saved notification in the top right corner of the screen and your preferences have been saved. In order to review to see which COH questions are involved, you can come back to this screen and click on this here where it says COH questions.
This will give you a list of all of the questions and indicate which ones have been sabled.