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Adding local questions

After you've created your pit count event, 1 of the things you might want to do is add some some local questions. So we are going to log in as an administrator, use the pick count menu, and click on pick count events See a list of our pit events. And we've already defined this 1. We're gonna click the edit, pick count event, and get taken to the screen where we can modify our pit count event settings. Let's add some local questions.
By using this button at the bottom, add local questions. But before we do that, I just want to be clear on what of the terminology means. You'll be prompted to enter a question number and a sequence number. This terminology may be confusing. So let's examine this question right here.
Have ever been in foster care and or a group home? This is question number 2. Approximately how long after leaving foster care or group home did you become homeless? And what was the duration? These questions are all linked to each other.
They're related to each other, so they're all given. Question number 2. Same with this follow-up question here. Because they're all they have the same question number, which is 2. There's then a dash and then a number after that.
So this number this 2 dash 1. 1 is the sequence number. So the sequence number indicates the order that these questions will be displayed if they're related questions. Also, note if someone is completing the survey using a handheld device such as a phone or a tablet. And they select the option to do a paging survey all of the question 2 will display on the same page.
And once they complete all of 2, they'll move on to question 3. You can also optionally provide a sequence label. So instead of saying 2 dash 1, 2 dash 2, 2 dash 3, you might call it 2A2B2C. Let's do that in practice. We're going to go to the bottom of the screen and click on add local questions.
So this field here is the question number. So which question is this? And you can have multiple related questions and you might give them all the same number. For example, if you had a first question and then a follow-up if they answer, no. Or if they answer yes.
At the bottom of the screen, it also asks for the sequence number. So if you have related questions, they're all gonna have the same question number. And using the sequence number, you can indicate which 1 will display first second and third. For this question, you can also give it a sequence label optional You might say that this is question 1a. But right now, let's create a very simple question.
Where we are going to ask our survey if they're familiar with the 2 on 1 outline in our community, which you can call for information about services that may be of interest to you. You need to provide the question text and English and in French. However, if you're not going to be doing any surveys in French, you can simply paste the English text again. What this is going to impact is if a surveyor tries to complete a survey in front they'll see this text instead of this text. Now we want to call this question active so that our surveyors can use it.
And we need to select a question type. Current we are asking a very simple yes no question. So let's call this a yes no question. Now at the bottom, there are 3 options for us. If we click add question that will save this and allow us to add a new question.
Or we can click on save question and finish event, which will save this question and return it us to the previous screen. Or we can click on this discard question and finish of event, which will erase all of this progress and go back. Let's click on add question here. So that has been saved. We have our green data saved notification.
The previous example of course was a very simple yes, no question. If you wanted to include some drop down values, that's allowing the respondent to choose from a list. It's going to be a little bit more complicated. So we're going to provide question number, a sequence number, question text. In this case, I'm going to ask which shelters have you stayed at this year.
Now, I'm going to call this question type a multiple selection dropdown. That's going to allow respondents to select 1 or more responses. We can also make this a single selection drop down where they can only select 1 of the available options. Thing and select a date. For example, if you are asking what's the most recent date that you became homeless.
You can ask for a textual answer where they'll be able to provide an open ended expanse of response or provide a numeric response, which is a number. So so how many times have you been homeless would be an example of that. So right now I'm going to select a multiple selection drop down. I'm on a new screen now. Notice that it has saved, and I'm now being asked to add a drop down value you.
At the bottom of the screen, we can see which drop down values have already been added for this question. In the value, we are just going to provide the simple names And Similarly, the logic here is are we going to save this drop down value and add a new 1? Save this value and finish the question or discard this value and finish question. So if we want to add another value, we're going to click on add drop down value to English. If we look down, we see that this value has been saved.
Let's provide the name of another shelter. And now I'm only going to select those options, so I'm going to click save value and finish question. I'm returned back to the screen where I am now adding more local questions. I don't actually wanna add another 1, so I'm gonna click discard question and finish event. And now on the pick count event settings page, I should have a list of all of the local questions.
So here are the 2 questions that we've entered. Question number 1 and question number 2. Question number 1, here's the text. And it's a yes now. Question number 2, which shelters have you stayed out this year?
Is a multiple select drop down, and here are the possible responses. Now, if you needed to modify the wording of the question or make it inactive, you can use this edit button. You can also delete the question entirely. And over here, because there are possible responses because it's got a drop down menu. We can also use this button here to edit the drop down values.
So if we wanted to add new possible responses or change the wording on those.