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Organizing your PIT count shifts

The last piece of configuration that you need to do before you're ready to run your event is to organize your point in time count shifts. Now a shift is essentially the intersection of a surveyor, a time, and a place. In order to set them up and see your existing shifts. Shifts, we're going to log in as the administrator, and we are going to use the point in time count menu and click on shifts. You should get a screen that looks like this, listing all of your point in time count shifts.
Let's click on the add shift button. Take a note up here that it tells you what the event that this shift is attached to. So that's the name of your point in time count event. I know the name isn't exactly very user friendly, but it'll give you the name of your place and the date and time. Next, we have the owner of this shift.
So this might be thought of as the reporting organization. This shift is affiliated with what organization. Now depending on how you've set it up in your community, perhaps all of your point in time count stuff will be done at a particular station, maybe off to the side, or maybe it'll be integrated with the rest of your service providers. Regardless, when you click on the add shift button, it's going to create a new shift that is owned by the organization that you're logged in at. First, we need to select who the surveyor is.
So remember that a shift is a combination of a person a place and a time. So let's select our person first. Now remembering the 2 different ways that we could set up users and people before. This list will get both users and people. So you don't need to select someone who can actually log in here.
Next, we need to indicate whether this surveyor is going to a sheltered location. In which case, we can select which service provider or an un sheltered location, in which case we can select a place. By default, it's set to not sheltered, so we can select a place. Such as zone a or the downtown east side. If we set that to yes, then we're going to be selecting the name of a service provider that our staff is going to be going to, for example, a shelter where they're going to be surveying the people staying at that shelter.
We need to provide the start time and the end time for this surveyor shift. So for example, if the surveyor is going to start at 07:00 at night, and go until 10:00 at night, then we'd fill it in this The reason that you're specifying a shift, even though we our shift start in time, even though we have already provided the hit event time is perhaps your count might take place over several days and you're doing a registry week and some people are going out early in the morning. Some people are going in the evening, so each shift needs to be attached to a start time and an end time. Optionally, we can provide some comments about this, and then we click the save button. Now here we are.
We have so far shifts set up with the name of the pit event, the surveyor, the start time and end time, the location and the owner of this shift. So that's the reporting organization. And that's all there is to it.