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Including questions from the question bank

While you're adding local questions to your point in time counts, you might actually want to borrow some questions used by other communities. So there is a feature called the pick count market question marketplace, which you can access through pulling up your pick of events. By logging in as an administrator, going to the pick count menu, and clicking on events, finding your pick count event, and clicking on the edit pit events button. At the bottom move the screen, there's an additional button here that says add from pit market. So that will allow you to add a question from the marketplace.
Let's click on that button, and here we have a repository of other questions that have been added to the pit marketplace by some other communities. If you wanted to in include these questions, then we would simply click import to the right of the question that we want. This is now going to be added to our survey as a low question. So we can see down here under local questions. Here's the question that has just been added.
Now we might want to change the order of it, for example, and we can now edit that pick question or delete it. Let's imagine we wanted to change the order or the wording. Let's click the edit button. And here we are. We can change the question number, the question text, make it inactive, change change the sequence.
Anything as if it was our own local question. Don't forget to click save if you make any changes.