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Plotting your PIT count locations

Every time a point in time count survey is completed, it is tied to a location. To modify the low occasions that can be selected when you're creating a survey. We're going to be logged in as an administrator and use the point count point in time menu and click on locations. That'll bring you to a screen called directory of services. Note note that an alternate way to get to the same screen is through the front desk menu and then directory of services.
What that means is that this list of locations is not unique to your point in time count. Depending on how your community set up their directory of services, you may be using this as a directory where people can go in to see what services are available in the community, or this might include all the locations that you do referrals from and to, or might have a list of your service provider and might include all of the schools within your area and may also include a number of pharmacies depending on the different parts of HIFUS that you're already using The important part to note here is that any place that you're sending a volunteer to to complete a survey needs to exist on the directory of services. 1 of the place types that's most appropriate for a pick count is this zone area route, place type. So you may likely need to create a number of places here that aren't actual buildings that offer services, but maybe an area or part of a city. You might create a number of places called zone 1, zone 2, and zone 3.
So to do that, again, pick count, locations. And then we are going to click on add place. Let's give this a place name. And we need to give the place type. Some of the ones of note to your pick count and registry week are zone area routes, and magnet event.
But if this is a specific location that you're sending people to, maybe 1 the other options such as a park might be appropriate. There are number of extra fields on this screen that are used as I mentioned for other parts of the software. If this is a place that actually offer services, you can indicate which services those are so that in the future people looking for services can do a search. We probably want to make this an active place, otherwise our surveyors aren't going to be able to use that. Most of the rest of these fields, we can leave blank if we're simply creating an area that corresponds to a zone or part of the city.
We might add the names of some people who work there, or if we can provide referrals to or from this location or add some some comments about it. Finally, there is an address section. Optionally, we can provide in some address information in particular if we want to be able to map or plot this location. But the only required field here is the country of Canada, which is already selected. Once we have at least the mandatory fields completed, we can click save.
We have a green data saved notification. And we're currently displaying our place called Zone A. We can click cancel to go back to the locations list or the hit count locations to go back. And here is our place that has been added. Now we can assign voluntary here is to go to that survey area.