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Adding surveyors without access to HIFIS (people)

For your point in time count, you're going to need to enter into Hyphasis, the volunteers that you're going to be using to complete their surveys. Now, there's 2 different ways that you can enter a volunteer in TIFUS depending on your needs. If that volunteer needs to be able to log in TIFUS and complete the survey directly in TIFUS saving it. Then they're going to need to be a user, and they're going to need to have their own user account. If on the other hand, you just want a list of all of your surveyors and someone else is going to be doing the data entry.
And you're just going to need to pick from a drop down you, which was the surveyor that completed this list, you can add these volunteers as people. So this is reached through the front desk people option. That'll take you to the people list, which will include a list of everyone who's been entered in TIFUS as a person, both people with user accounts and also people who do not have a user account. If you wanted to add new volunteers that did not have a user account, we would come to this screen and click on the add person button. But note that each person on the list has a role, and some of these people are pitfalls volunteers.
We can actually use this filter items button box to search to only show the pit volunteers. Some of these people have multiple rules, which is why they show up even though it doesn't at least say pit volunteer here. Now in order to add a new person, with the pit volunteer role, we can click on the add person button. We need to provide this person with a name and a first name. We do need to provide a gender, but it can be other or unknown.
And finally, we need to provide this person with a role. If we select volunteer, which is the last option, then this person will be able to be selected whenever we're completing a survey. We also want to make sure that this person is active or else we won't be able to select them. We should get a green data saved notification after we click save and be taken to see the information about this person that we added. If we want, we can add some contact information such as an email address or phone number about this person.
And here is the person that we have just added Alex Adams with a pit volunteer your role.