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Defining your volunteers' rights templates

In order to conduct a pick count, at least some of the people are going to need the ability to enter a survey into HIFUS. These might be volunteers or they might be existing HIFUS users. In order to make this function, we are going to need to set up rights templates for these users who are going to be entering data for the pick count. So log in as the administrator, use the administration menu, and click on rights templates to see this rights template list. In all likelihood, your community already has some rights templates already set up.
But if you don't, then you can use the add template button to create a brand new rights template for the occasion. Or you can edit an existing rights template to give current HiFIS users additional permissions for the pay account. You would do that simply by clicking the edit button to the right hand side of the rights template. Regardless of whether you are adding a new rights template or editing an existing 1, you're going to need to make sure that the template is active. And going to the right the template right tab, we're going to need to make sure that users with this rights template will be able to complete the necessary tasks within IFUS.
There are a few rights here that are essential for your volunteers to have. First of all, is the ability to lock log on. The second and important section is this pick count module here. There are a variety of rates that you can assign to your users. But let's go through some of the important ones.
First of all, anyone who's going to be doing anything with the pick count needs access to the pick count module. Then, if your of volunteers with this template, your users are going to be live surveyors. That means they'll be enter data on a phone or a tablet as they walk around and survey people during the pick count events, then we would use this live surveyor right right here. If instead the person will be doing data entry after the fact. We would use this data entry personnel Right instead.
So this would be used if we're using paper surveys that'll get it in at the end of the event, and someone will take the paper surveys and translate them into typhus. Next, optionally, we can also give this user the ability to list surveys and have access to existing completed surveys. So the combination of these 2 rights, list surveys and access to survey which go together would allow a surveyor to review the surveys that they have already completed. So if they need to make any modifications, then they could go back and change something or see how many they've completed. In addition, you might be completing a registry week, so there are a few registry week rights here that could be important.
You could give a user permission to conduct a registry week, which is to say, completing a VIs that after the survey has been completed. You also might give them the ability to search for existing clients. If you don't give them this permission, then they're gonna be creating their brand new client files here. If you give them the ability to search for clients, they could look up a client within hyphasis and not create a duplicate if that would be the case. There are some other permissions here as well.
But these are typically not used for your pit count end users. Your volunteers and your staff who are running around and doing the survey on the pick count event. For example, you could give someone the ability to administrate ad locations where you are going to be completing the survey. Add shifts or keep track of who of the volunteers and add new ones. But these are typically only used for administrative type positions.
Once you have all of the correct rights, setup, then our rights template is done, and all we need to do now is assign it to the user templates.