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Modifying an existing user

To turn an existing user into appointed time count volunteer, we are going to need to modify their existing user profile. So we can get there by using the point in time count menu and clicking on volunteers. Or we can use the administration menu and click on users. Note that when you first get to the screen, you're going to see a list of all of the users who have the ability to log in at your current service provider, in this case, sample pit organization. If you want to take a user from a different organization and give them rights to the sample pit organization.
You might need to first find their user account by clicking on the complete user list. The all list gives a list of all users who currently have the ability to access your current organization, whereas the complete user list gives you all users within HIFUS. Next, we need to find the user, the existing user that we want to modify. Let's modify this user here. We're going to modify by clicking on the user account button.
Now, the first thing that we need to do is assign our user the role of pit volunteer. Without the role role of pit volunteer, they won't be able to complete a survey. Their name won't appear in the drop down menu when we're saying which surveyor it was. So let's add the pit volunteer role in addition to whatever rules this staff already has. And click on the save button.
Should get our nice green data saved notification. Next, we need to make sure that this user has the correct rights to be able to complete a pick count. So first, make sure that they have the ability to access under service providers, the correct organizations. So in this field, build. For example, if this staff currently works at a shelter and you have set up a different organization that's going to be the host for your pick count, then you might see 2 options in here.
1 being the current emergency shelter, and you might need to add an extra organization. So that your user has the ability to access multiple service providers. How this is set up in your organization in your community depends on where you want your staff to be logging in when they're doing their account. For example, you might be telling them to log in at their regular organization and you're going to be modifying their normal rights template, or you might ask them to switch service providers and you might give them a special rights template just for modifying the point in time count. And for mission.
So once you have decided which service providers this staff can access, and you might need to click save if you need to make any changes. We're going to go to the right tab. Then we're going to select the service provider that we want to assign pick count rights to. And wait for it to load. Then we're gonna click the select a rights template and choose the most appropriate template.
Click on the save button. And now this user is attached to the current template of pit live volunteer.