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Adding lots of volunteers

Before running your point in time count event, it's quite likely that you are going to need to create a whole bunch of new volunteers in high fitness. Now those could take 2 different forms. The first is a person who is a user and they can log gone typhus and enter their own data entry themselves. Or the second type is what's referred to as a person in typhus. Who is someone who is not a user and they do not have the ability to log in, but there's still the record of them.
You can attribute a survey to a user or a person. Either of those will do. Now, to see your list of volunteers, we can click on the point in time count drop down menu, and then click on volunteers. And that will take you to this screen here. Called the user list, which is also found by using the administration menu and clicking on users.
Then shows you a list of all of the users, that is people who can log in. But what it's missing is the people. People are found by user the front desk menu and clicking on people. So here, you should see a list of all of the people who sorry. Of the users who have the ability to log in at your current service provider.
That's who's listed in list. Before proceeding, make sure that you are logged in at the organization that you would like to give access to for your future volunteers and users. For example, if you want your surveyors to be able to login at this organization, then go ahead and proceed. If not, you'll need to switch service providers. Now, in order to add a new volunteer, you can simply click the new user button or to modify an existing user you can click on the user account button.
But if you wanted to add a number of volunteers involved, There's a new button for that. It's called ad pit live volunteers. First, there is an cell template provided, which you can download. And once you fill that out, you can upload it back up. I've downloaded a copy of this Excel template and provided these 4 people in here.
Now notice we're asking for the first name, the last name, username leave blank to indicate person. In other words, if we want to make this person a user, which is to say, give them permission to log in. We need to provide a username. If we leave it blank such as this field here, and they will be added in as a surveyor, but they won't have the ability to log in. So that would be used if someone is doing data entry after the fact, and they just wanted to attribute the survey to this person.
Next, we select the file to upload. And choose here what rights we are going to be assigning to these new users. And we click the save button. At the bottom of the screen, it now tells us file open success number of successfully added pit volunteers 4. 1 of the people that we just added was Bob Brown, also Carla Carter and Dave Davis.
So these people have now been added as users to this organization. Let's examine 1 of them very quickly. First of all, they have been given the role here of pit volunteer. And the ability to access this service provider. They have the name an email address that we've provided them.
And they have the right template that we indicated. Now 1 thing that may be wondered is what is the password for these users. Well, according to the point in time count module user guide. Users will be able to access their accounts using the username you created and a default password of Pitt's username, all lowercases. So in this case, it would be pit b brown.